alibi lab
About This Project

ALIBI LAB represents the Company’s testing and creativity giving to each single piece a unique artisanal sign. Specially treated articles belong to this group:

Tumble dyed treatments
The fabric has been treated with a particular tumble dying process which gives a unique look to the handcrafted quality. This dyeing process gives the fabric an uneven aspect which highlights the fabric ‘s structure and construction. This treatment makes the yard and each piece live its own story. Small colour imperfections and different shades among colours should be considered characteristics of these products.

Below Zero Treatment
it’s an ecological treatment at -37 degrees for fabrics in flax, cotton, viscose and mixture fabrics. Years of studies and researches have allowed this kind of technological and ecological exclusive treatment that confers to the garments particulars properties granting unique  performances of the fabrics themselves. Such process takes care of the fibers acting on  fabrics making these INALTERABLE, BRIGHT IN COLURS, UNSHRINKABLE ,SOFT TO TOUCH.  The performances of the treated fabrics are astonishing in terms of drying  and immediate use( NO IRONING), very low crumple and preservation of unalterated aspect even after washing  again and again.