alibi black
About This Project

Alibi Industrie Creative Black Collection is the main label of the group. It can be considered as synonymous with femininity, fancy and youth and shines as a unique image of its fabrics.
A style that is distinguished in lines and colours of the fabric itself in terms of weaving structures and constructions research. There are a few common characteristics represented by some strong elements such as; jacquards, madras and solid fabrics designs. Feminine: This part of the collection loves to express its romantic and sophisticated side, paying particular attention to the fabric performance and adaptability to the figure thanks to the use of Lycra and to the comfort of the knit fabrics. Young: Fashion is a game where nothing is taken too seriously, everything is constantly minimized and reinvented. Fantasy: It doesn’t belong of any stereotype or precise area, it continues to create its own style by gleaning the elements from the classic.