The Alibi s.r.l company was established in February 2009 with the aim of developing, producing and selling a large range of high quality articles. This was a courageous step that the Iannuzzi family took in order to face the current increasing difficulties of the textile world… They took this decision based on a strong multi-year textile experience that has in it’s roots producing jacquards and fancey high quality articles.

The great experience of the company’s staff, largely operating from the foundation, together with a young and dynamic management team, implemented through the years is still ensuring a wide range of fabrics and appropriate strategies applicable to the market demand.

The growth of the company over the years has been constant and relevant due to the success of the collections shown and the marketing strategies applied.

The company is mainly oriented to female customers producing collections for summer and winter, with an obsessive b of different elements in terms of styles and fiber compositions.  The qualites are made using a multiplicity of fibers: from wool to rafia, silks, cupro and from artificial and technical fibers such as nylon to natural fibers such as cotton, flax and hemp.  Mixing these yarns in any way possible; piece dyed and yarn dyed creating a huge variety of patterns, designs, special constructions thanks to the use of their own jacquard machines. Almost all the articles produced are enriched by the use of Lycra in mono or bistretch ways.

Using these machines allow the creation of any type of article: plains but also with fancy designs, couture, microstructures or minimal-jacquard.

All the above articles are moved to a higher level by combining them with a detailed study and research of special finishing, types of dyeing in terms of machines and products used during this stage… especially looking to the latest generations of treatments.

An important aspect to underline Alibi company, which is really a part of their DNA, is the reactivity and flexibiliity on the interpretation and customization of the special requests of the clients, trying always to satisfy any demands presented.